World Conference: EDMedia 2013

Esta semana se ha realizado el World Conference EDMedia 2013 (Educational Media & Technology), en la ciudad de Victoria, BC, Canada.

Diferentes investigadores del Laboratori d’Aplicacions de la Tecnologia a l’Educació (L@TE) y colaboradores han participado presentando las siguientes comunicaciones:


Constructing identity through virtual worlds

Authors: Gisbert-Cervera, M.; Esteve-González, V.; Cela-Ranilla, J.M.

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to analyze the digital identity of college students participating in a virtual world experience in a simulation tool using the methodology in project-based learning. Virtual world avatars allow one to create a virtual copy of themselves – but many choose to create avatars that are an expression of a different self, whether that be an idealized variation or a completely different person. (continue)

Quality of Online Learning: Adding MOOC into the mix?

Authors: Sharif, A.; Moeini, H.; & Gisbert, M.

Abstract: Online learning is a broad term that can describe a learning environment supported via information and communications technology. Online learning has become a diverse and dynamic world in which educators and learners almost every day create new methods or strategies for learning (continue).

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